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Bersambung dari ‘Seorang lagi pemimpin dituduh sebagai Trojan horse Umno’.Blogger yang menggelar dirinya ’Toffee’ menuduh P. Uthayakumar ialah petualang.

Jenis macam Toffee yang berpendapat“what is this marginalisation that these champions of the Indian cause are talking about?” amat lazim di kalangan puak Malaysian First.

Toffee menulis:

“If he [P. Uthayakumar] is real Hindu why has he allowed the Police and the UMNO backed hooligans go and sell beef in front of Ambiga’s house without even a word of objection, it is only because he is a Najib stooge, awaiting the big day at the expense of the very people he says he champions.”

Dia juga mendakwa Uthaya berpemikiran “never mind as long as I land up with the goodies it is okay”.(sumber: http://toffeesturn.blogspot.com)

Toffee melemparkan tuduhan bahawa Uthaya adalah juak Najib yang telah menjual harga dirinya serta mengkhianati golongan terpinggir India.

Memfitnah ialah ciri utama seorang DAPster. Di mana buktinya Uthaya dibeli Najib? Boleh Toffee tolong tunjukkan?

Ciri kedua DAPsters ialah mereka tak reti untuk mencermin diri. Kenapa pula Toffee mengkehendaki supaya Uthaya mempertahankan Ambiga?

Kalau ianya sebab Uthaya dan Ambiga beragama Hindu (sepertimana diolah Toffee dalam perenggan di atas) maka Malaysian Firsters memang hipokrit. Bukankah mereka ini tidak memandang kepada faktor ras atau agama yang berupa “taktik kotor dan kolot digunakan oleh BN untuk memisah-misahkan rakyat”?

Toffee menulis:
“Yes, the HINDRAF was formed so that the likes of Uthaykumar could lobby with UMNO and claim that they had the majority Indian support in the country, and take over the role that would be vacated by Samy Veloo as at that time his time to vacate was nigh, and replace the MIC in the BN.”
Kalau betul begitu, mengapa Jabatan Pendaftaran Pertubuhan (ROS) – yang didakwa konco Umno oleh pembangkang – berkali-kali enggan meluluskan permohonan Uthaya untuk mendaftarkan Human Rights Party yang ditubuhkannya ?

Toffee menulis:
“The best way to do it was to promise the Indians something that no one could ever give them and that was a million ringgit each, just imagine 1 million ringgit each what a windfall, many of them never even held ten thousand ringgit in their hands at any one given time and that was what they were asked to march to the British High Commission for.”
Adakah blogger Toffee itu pernah bertanya kepada mana-mana peserta perhimpunan Hindraf (25 Nov 2007) sama ada mereka menghadiri rapat umum tersebut kerana mengharapkan ganjaran RM1 juta setiap seorang?

Firsters menolak sekeras-kerasnya cadangan bahawa sesetengah peserta Bersih mungkin dibayar elaun untuk menghadiri acara. Akan tetapi mereka mudah mempercayai bahawa orang India menyertai 25.11.07 hanya kerana mengharapkan habuan.

Jadi mengikut logik Firsters, pendemo Bersih penuh bermaruah manakala penyokong Hindraf bermata duitan.

Toffee juga telah berkata “many of them never even held ten thousand ringgit in their hands at any one given time”. Dia memandang begitu hina terhadap orang India yang kurang berada. Sikap sombong yang sama seperti ini juga terserlah melalui cara Firsters memperlekehkan penduduk Kg Buah Pala.

Toffee menulis:
“It is very clear now that HINDRAF is out there to reinstate UMNO as the kingpin in the state assembly in Selangor through its political vehicle the Hindu Rights Party (HRP) , their decision to stand in Selangor is a clear indication that all they want to do is to deliver Selangor to UMNO and then Uthaykumar will get what he wants, he will become a minister and the next Samy Veloo a minister through the back door … and the Indians are going to receive another MIC like party in the government of the BN who will then dance according to the tune of the UMNO at the expense of ignorant Indian support.”

Kalau Uthaya mahu dilantik memegang jawatan atas ehsan Umno, beliau tak payahlah duduk bawah tahanan ISA selama setahun setengah.

Dan sekiranya pun Uthaya hendak bersekongkol dengan Umno, beliau boleh membuat begitu dari awal-awal lagi — pada 2008 atau 2009 atau 2010 atau 2011. Tak payah tunggu sampai PRU13.

Sekali lagi Toffee menghina golongan India miskin dengan mengatakan mereka “jahil” (ignorant) gara-gara menyokong Hindraf.

Toffee menulis:
“HINDRAF may not come outright and join the BN that will be very difficult, but they will be what will be known as a BN friendly party just like the independents in the Perak state assembly today.”

Parti Makkal Sakti ditubuhkan pasca perpecahan Hindraf. Presiden parti itu ialah R.S. Thanenthiran dan dia sudah mendapat gelaran Datuk.

N. Surendran dilantik Anwar menjadi naib presiden PKR tanpa bertanding. K. Vasanthakumar juga berjinak-jinak dengan Anwar.

V. Ganabatirao dan R. Kengadharan akan mengadakan perhimpunan Indraf lusa bersama dengan P. Ramasamy, Timbalan Ketua Menteri II Pulau Pinang.

Bekas pemimpin-pemimpin Hindraf ini telah memilih untuk bekerjasama sama ada dengan Pakatan atau BN. Hanya Uthaya yang masih berdikari.

Seterusnya, kalau DAP benar-benar menolak perkauman, kenapa hendak diwujudkan Indraf iaitu Indian Rights Action Force? Bukankah si Firsters selalu mencerca Uthaya kerana tumpuan Hindraf (Hindraf = Hindu Rights Action Force) kepada penganut Hindu sahaja dan kononnya pendekatan itu rasis?

Sekarang ini Indraf ciptaan DAP pula yang meniru Hindraf. Lepas Indraf, kita buat Chindraf, okay?

Konsep Indraf adalah bercanggah dengan falsafah Malaysian First yang begitu alah (allergic) kepada apa-apa sekalipun yang ada sedikit kaitan dengan ras.

Toffee menulis:
“Never in the history of Malaysia have the Indians had better representation in government than they have today …” / juga “Never before in the history of this country have so many Indians turned up as state assemblymen and Parliamentarians than after the last election as members of Pakatan-based parties”.

Ramai politikus PKR dan DAP yang mempunyai nama India yang mendakwa mereka bukan wakil kaum India tetapi sebaliknya mewakili semua warga Malaysia.

“When contacted, Sivarasa … While admitting that he could not speak proper Tamil, he said he had never held himself out as an ‘Indian leader’ in PKR. ‘I was appointed as a vice-president in 2007 and I see myself as a leader of all members of the party regardless of race’ (he said).” – sumber: FMT

Selaku seorang Firster, ianya tidak afdal bagi blogger Toffee untuk mengungkit perkara ras dengan menyebut Pakatan mempunyai ramai “Indian representatives”. Ingat: Pantang sebut ‘Indian’ (mesti mengaku Bangsa Anak Malaysia).

Apapun, ‘Indian representatives’ atau Yang Berhormat yang etniknya India tidak bermaksud YB itu akan mewakili kepentingan kaum India, misalan contoh Sivarasa Rasiah, Ahli Parlimen Subang yang dipetik di atas.

Toffee menggesa kaum India “they have to think Malaysian first”.

Toffee menulis:
“Pakatan has ruled Selangor for only one term, they have not desecrated or destroyed a single temple, on the other hand the Barisan and especiallyUMNO folk have, they have desecrated so many Hindu temples all over the country. Ask DP Vijandrean what the Attorney General of the time in the Kerling case accused him of when he defended a few Indians, DP was then an upcoming MIC star.”

[Dia ini sebiji macam Guan Eng yang berkata semua kuil Hindu diancam Umno.]
“Today the Indians who are on the brink of a new era have to make a choice … [to] discard racist parties and come together under a Malaysian banner and as Malaysians stand up and fight this evil regime, and once and for all claim this, our nation back from cheats and self seeking individuals. If the Indians make the choice to go the HINDRAF way there is only one result they can hope to achieve, continue to be the street sweepers, the office cleaners, the one ton truck lorry drivers and remain ignorant – the specialisation of the BN.”

Saya kira jika kita mahu bercakap tentang ‘delivering Selangor to Umno’, gejala DApsterismelah yang akan mendorong orang ramai untuk berfikir dua kali.HA

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